“I never was the girl next door”- Bettie Page

 Naughty & Nice  explorations for the  crème de la crème

Artisan Experience 

Let’s embark on a sensuelle creative adventure…

Reminiscent of Jackson Pollock- utilizing our bodies as brushes and the canvas as our outlet, we will create a unique work of art  and intimate reveries to remember.

6 Hours | 2,000

*includes materials,  prep+clean up time

Esculent Érotique

Often overlooked- the eroticism of the culinary arts is paramount…

Let’s curate an ambrosial menu tailored to us and fit for the gods. Our chemistry in the kitchen is sure to inspire more intimate collaborations behind closed doors.

6 Hours | 2,000

*includes ingredients, prep+dine time

Sinful Switch

Curious about your submissive side?

I’m cultivated and experienced in an array of various art forms of kink: from sensuelle to severe….please inquire.

2 Hour Min. | Additional 300

Risqué Role-Play

Let’s savor moments in fantasia, and explore our deepest desires…

Whether we decide on a total power exchange or engaging in our fantasy erotic personas- there’s a collection of scenes to delve into:

From student and teacher, nurse and patient, cop and robber, or FBI agent and prisoner, & beyond…

2 Hour Min. | Additional 300